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The process of creating an Opt-In (or a way of getting your website user to perform some action) with this plugin requires three steps:

  1. Select the Opt-In Type.  This will control where on the page the Call-To-Action (CTA) displays.  Your options come in the form of a Notification Bar, Fly-Out, Pop-Up, In-Post CTA, or a Widget.
  2. Select the CTA Type.  This will determine the type of action that you want the user to take and comes in the form of a Newsletter Signup, Contact Us Form, Button Link, Yes/No form, and many others!
  3. Select when the Opt-In should display (Trigger). There are a number of different criteria you can use to control when the Opt-In appears, including the device the user is using, specifying a specific page/post the it should appear on, scroll depth, a timer, and more!

Previewing Our Demos

There are tons of ways you can combine all of the different options.  Our demo site showcases several examples of Opt-Ins that have been created to show you the breadth of possibilities.  Please browse our examples in the navigation menu above!

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